Play It Again, Blog…

To all of my fellow movie fans & fanatics…my name is Kristina Kingsley and I am a life-long movie fanatic. As many of my friends & family would tell you, if a day passes in my life &  have not watched at least 1 movie, then I am either on my death-bed or have died. Even then. I would probably have left instructions to have my favorite movies running in the background the ensure that I pass peacefully and lots of film references spoken in my eulogy.

I have decided to start this blog in an effort to raise awareness about film, have a forum to meet & interact with fellow movie fans & fanatics alike and to simply have a place to put all my thoughts about a wide variety of films. This is meant to be a positive place, a respectful forum for thoughtful exchange of ideas & opinions and, hopefully, a place to inspire others to watch new films.

My goal here is to share 1 film, per week (of course, more is always an option, I guess). I already have a plan in place for selecting the films which are discussed BUT, if you have a film that you’d like to see discussed, please feel free to email me at

I feel a bit like Charles Foster Kane here with my Declaration of Principles…let’s just hope my path is very different from his. Let’s get this watch party started!!CK_image

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