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(Some of) My Classic Favorites: Holiday Edition – Part 1

It’s that time of year when movie fans indulge in watching some of their favorite holiday films and I’m no different. A few people have asked me about my favorite Christmas movies and I thought I might share those with you as well. As I started making my list, I realized that I have both…

More Movie Lover Podcast News….

I wanted to quickly follow-up with some new information about an amazing resource for Podcasts with movie lovers as their target audience! You might recall that in my last post I discussed a tremedous Podcast I had uncovered through my membership on, The Secret History of Hollywood: Bullets & Blood. I was contacted by…

The Window (1949) and the Incredibly Sad Career of Bobby Driscoll

When you hear the name Bobby Driscoll, you might not realize why it should be recognizable or even if you’ve ever heard of him at all. Truth be told, he made a huge impact in his early career and you may not recognize his face but you will certainly remember his voice. Bobby Driscoll was…


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