Just heartbroken…

A few days ago, I was informed that my absolutely favorite classic film streaming service, FilmStruck, was ending. FilmStruck was a critical partner with The Criterion Collection as well as Turner Classic Movies to provide unique and one-of-a-kind access to an enormous catalog of classic films via their streaming service. Since part of my personal mission here is to promote the availability of classic films through streaming services, to purchase, rent or simply enjoy, this comes as a real blow.

Screenshot (61)

At present, there is no plan, either through Turner Classic Movies or The Criterion Collection, to offer this amazing collection of films through an existing or new streaming service. I have poured over the comments on Twitter, Facebook and other TCM forums for the past few days and know that I am not alone in the utter disappointment and heartbreak I am feeling since this announcement was made public.

No where else was such a magnificent collection of films available to stream for classic movie lovers like myself . Of course, every once in awhile you might stumble across one of them here and there but what FilmStruck provided was unprecedented and it’s absence will create an immense hole for many of its subscribers. Where else could you find an entire collection of Billy Wilder films available for viewing or even the amazing array of Art House films which you might never had even heard of but discovered you really enjoyed? FilmStruck was the best destination for so many classic movie lovers — old, young, new and lifelong. When the service ends on November 29, 2018, I will wander again to find a streaming forum which allows access to an incredible catalog of films — uncut, commercial-free, just as they were meant to be seen. I know that I will not be alone in that quest and, until then, I will continue on my personal crusade to #FreeTheClassics, preserving unparalleled cinema & making more films available for a wider audience through streaming. #RIPFilmStruck


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