The Huston Family…but mostly Jack Huston

Jack Huston

Any classic or modern movie fan is well aware of the storied history of the Huston Family — Walter Huston, patriarch of the famous Hollywood family, who won an Oscar in 1949 for his role opposite Humphrey Bogart in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre which was directed by his son, John Huston.

John Huston carried forward the mantle for the family as a formidable Hollywood titan during a 50-year career as an actor, writer, and director winning his own Oscars in 1949 for Best Director & Best Screenplay for his work on The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

During John Huston’s storied and illustrious career, he also passed the mantle on to some of his own children including daughter Angelica Huston, who won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1985 for Prizzi’s Honor, directed by her father, John Huston. To many younger movie-goers, she will forever be known for her role in The Addams Family as the matriarch, Morticia Addams, alongside the late, magnificent actor Raul Julia.

The beautiful & talented Angelica Huston.


Danny Huston, son of John Huston, has also carved out quite the career for himself in Hollywood. Although you might not recognize his name immediately, there is absolutely no doubt that you will recognize his face. From his varied roles in films like The Aviator (2004), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Wonder Woman (2018) to his appearances on numerous television series including Magic City (2012-2013), American Horror Story (2013-2015) and Yellowstone (2018-2019), like so many in his family before him, he has made a name for himself and holds up the long-tradition of Huston excellence.

Versatile & talented, Danny Huston continues to carry the legacy of the Huston Hollywood Royalty mantle in his career.

But, seriously, let’s get to the whole reason I wanted to write this post. I want to introduce you (in case you’ve been living under a rock) to the next generation of the Huston family and his name is Jack Huston.

Jack Huston


Strikingly handsome & immensely talented, Jack Huston has been quietly making his way onto the Hollywood scene since 2004. Born in London on December 7, 1982, the second son to father Tony Huston, an actor & writer, and mother Lady Margot Lavinia Cholmondeley, great-grandson to Walter Huston, grandson to John Huston & nephew to both Angelica and Danny Huston, he certainly is walking amongst giants in Hollywood and doing everything he can to continue to grand tradition of excellence tied to his last name.

I first became aware of this brilliant talent on the gripping HBO drama, Boardwalk Empire. If you have yet to watch this show, it is worthwhile for so many reasons, including gorgeous sets, gripping story lines and a plethora of gifted performers. For me, everything about this show is Jack’s heart-wrenching and unforgettable performance as Richard Harrow, a returning World War I veteran who, as a sniper in the US Army, suffered a substantial and life-altering injury to the left side of his face including losing an eye, most of his cheekbone, half of his upper jawbone, being left with significant scarring resulting in his need to wear a Phantom of the Opera-type mask.

Jack Huston as Richard Harrow on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Absolutely nothing will prepare you for his stellar performance in this role, so fabulously nuanced and heart-breaking whenever he is on screen, even if his character the main focus of the scene. From his genuine portrayal of the agony and torment Harrow so clearly suffers from, both physically and psychologically, to lighter moments he shares with, seemingly the only friend he has in the world, Jimmy Darmody, played by Michael Pitt.

Of this role, Huston has stated, “You can almost read any emotion through someone’s eyes. Having one eye, that eye has to do double time. [Richard Harrow]’s written so well and it comes so naturally: the pain and the anguish, they’re so deep-rooted inside of me now. I feel like when I put that mask on, I transform.”

Aside from his role on Boardwalk Empire, you might also recognize him from films such as Not Fade Away (2012), Kill Your Darlings (2013), Ben-Hur (2016), and The Irishman (2019).

He is also going to be back on the small screen on September 27, 2020 with the premiere of Season 4 of the FX hit, Fargo (as if I needed any more reasons to love & watch that show!). To be honest, I cannot wait to see him light-up the screen in the new season of Fargo and see him deliver yet another incredible performance. It is time that he is more recognized for his supreme talent and remarkable career thus-far. I, for one, am anxiously awaiting those folks in Hollywood to figure out that Jack Huston isn’t just a name to hearken back to the Hollywood of yesteryear but is a formidable talent in his own right and I endeavor to watch for him in future.


Check out some of the films mentioned in this post:

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