More Movie Lover Podcast News….

Become a patron of Adam Roche on for access to his top-shelf podcast series, The Secret History of Hollywood.

I wanted to quickly follow-up with some new information about an amazing resource for Podcasts with movie lovers as their target audience!

You might recall that in my last post I discussed a tremedous Podcast I had uncovered through my membership on, The Secret History of Hollywood: Bullets & Blood. I was contacted by the creator of this podcast series, Adam Roche, via Twitter, shortly after the original post went live. As a result of him reaching out to me, I discovered that he has created a lot of incredible content for classic film fans, like myself.

You can check it out for yourself on his website, (which is such an awesome domain name, by the way). There are a wide variety of membership levels available which grant you access to not only an incredible variety of podcasts but also patron-only shows, an online Film Club meet up and access to Blueprints, a bonus podcast chock full of supplemental material for the main series, Secret History of Hollywood.

So, if you are looking for a great holiday gift for yourself or the classic film fan in your life, consider a patronage to the wide array of magnificent materials offered by Adam Roche on Guaranteed to be a tremendous COVID free gift!

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