Where have you gone?

Recently, there has been a flurry of activity here on my blog and many of
you have been asking if I was going to be updating my blog anytime soon. Rest
easy, dear readers, the answer is a resounding, YES.

I am touched and overwhelmed not only by your concern for my well-being but
also for your positive feedback on my previous posts. Life, as they say, has
gotten in the way of my blogging but the pathways are beginning to clear and
there will, once again, be time for me to devote to my beloved blog.

I have a notebook of ideas for upcoming posts as well as a constant stream
of inspiration from the films & television I watch on a daily basis. In
addition, I will soon be attending the 2023 TCM Film Festival in Hollywood
which is always a bountiful source for new ideas and discussion topics.

I will, however, provide you with a little teaser for my next post…..

Until next time, dear readers.

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